How to Save Money with Infallible Easy Tips

You even try to, but,  in the end of the month comes, you will conclude, again, what do you have to know for how to save money?

  I know, this is a difficult task, but, the good news is that, it can become a little easier save money with this complete super list of 06(six) detailed tips. That we especially prepared to help you, spend less and how to save money more.  

The tips are divided into three important categories, (“Get organized”, “Look at your income” and “Be Better”), which, together meet all the basic steps for those wanting to rearrange the budget, and get in a once and for all, take control of your finances for save money.

Get organized! It is How To Save Money

 Record all your expenses


How to Save Money Infallible Real Tips

How to Save Money with Infallible Real Tips.

How do you intend to manage your finances. If you do not know exactly how much you spend in each month?. This is the first step, for those, who, want to start making their financial control. To help in this task, you have two good options in how to save money:.

Save all the little notes of the card, and write down,  each of your expenses in a spreadsheet spending.

 Choose any financial control tool, which pulls all your bank account automatically, in less than two minutes. It’s the first step in how to save money more.

 Look At Your Income 

Create goals for your spending


 Now you know exactly how much your monthly cost is, you need to create goals for your expenses by dividing them into categories:

  • 15% from your income will spend in financial priorities: if you are in debt, it’s priority that you pay off the debts. If not, save money for the future.
  • 50% from your income will spend in essential expenses: necessary things which you have to spend to keep the day-to-day life, like housing, food, transportation, education, etc.
  • 35% from your income will spend in lifestyle: all expenses related to hobbies and leisure: gym, beauty salon, shopping at the mall, etc.

Expenses up, income down.

 By the time, you are creating goals for your budget, always round up expenses and income down. After all, our grandmothers, used to say: it is always better has something in your pocket, than remain missing, save always your money, it is the tip!.

 Be Better in How to Save Money

Pay your bills on the same day

 Change the due date of all your fixed debts, for just after the day that you got your salary. This will make you organize much easier your money. The money comes in, you’ve paid everything, that should to and in your bank account. It is just the money to spend in something that shows up unexpectedly in the month, or just to keep it in bank account, for save money that you can!.

 Create deadlines for your goals

 Do you want to pay off your debts?,  Until when?, Do you want to save money to buy a car?, How soon?, When goals have date to be done, we get motivated to fulfill them on time.

 In the next few tips, you’ll find tips to reduce each of these expenditure categories, so save money.

 Continue to follow my texts and also send suggestions, on topics you would like to learn more about finances and, how save money,  can become something usual.

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