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Continuing the tips on how to Learn Languages in infallible way, now I will present the latest tips. At the beginning of a new project about learn languages, we are always very excited. However, the initial disposition often disappears over time about learning second languages.

Persistence to learn languages

Learn languagesThe study of foreign languages or second language. It is important to be aware that the results will come in the long term and that they are difficult to measure.

Therefore, the initial planning is so important and should be realistic, because this will be your routine for a long time.

 It’s unable to determine an exact time for learning as are many factors that influence this process. But we can say without fear of contradiction that no one learns new languages in three months.

In addition, we must respect the personal differences, for no one learns things the same way or at the same time.

  • Motivation

Throughout the learning process, you should keep in mind that the reason that led you to study the second language. Consider whether there is a needed to study the foreign language, to learn languages.

If the answer is ‘Yes’, everything will be easier. Now, if you face the study as an obligation, perhaps your motivation is the fruit that this effort will bring.

Just as the Olympic swimmer and world champion, Cesar Cielo, writes in the bedroom ceiling the time to beat in the pools. To remember how much he will gain at the end of the process is what will give him willingness to overcome the obstacles of the route.

 The Last Second Language Learning Tips


  • Curiosity

Let the mental laziness aside and be willing to learn languages whenever possible. This tip applies not only to learn a second language, but in your development in various areas as well. The more exercise your curiosity, the easier it is to learn whatever.

  • Context

Be careful not to waste time with wrong exercises. Foreign language or Second language can not be treated as code, in which each word of one is an exact counterpart in another. If so, it would be enough to decorate the dictionary to speak another language.

Face the foreign language as a system, a new universe, sometimes complex and seemingly illogical. In which you enter and gradually discovers its characteristics. Identifying differences and similarities with his world, that is, their mother tongue.

  • Courage

A major obstacle for those wishing to speak language is shyness. It’s natural does not feel at ease to begin to sketch a dialogue in another language. Because we know that early mistakes are inevitable.

However, you must remember that mistakes are inevitable and necessary. Do not forget that it is the way everyone learns. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and do not miss the opportunity to practice what you have learned, even if it is little.

Follow these tips and you will see your learning reach the goal you chose!


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