Foreign Language Infallible Learning Tips

Read the title of this post again: “Learning Foreign Language Infallible Tips.” Do not forget that “infallible”, is not synonymous with simple or easy.

To learn a foreign language is never easy too much. Without commitment, dedication and, above all, a good deal of patience, you will not get the results.

Therefore, follow the directions below and your chances of success in learning a foreign language will be greater.

successfully learning foreign language tipsInfallible Tips for Learning Foreign Language


  • Organization and Space.

In the same way when you go on a diet, where the first step will be filling with the vegetables and fruits your refrigerator and get rid of all the candies in the house. Before starting to study a foreign language is necessary to organize a space.

 In order to you concentrate on your foreign languages study, there must be an essential, adequate, quiet, bright and pleasant space.

 There is a needed of a tidy desk and it has to have a computer on it with the necessary equipment such as, headphones or speakers, microphone, paper dictionaries and / or online books… etc.

These tools will allow you focus on your studies. So you can get make the most of your available time to learn the foreign languages chosen.

  • Planning / Time.

Make a list with all your activities and how much time you have dedicated to them. You should be honest with yourself and evaluate whether in the list the foreign languages study is included in it. If you notice that will be overloaded, you will need to set priorities and give up some items from the list.

  •  Regularity.

Once you decide how long your routine will be dedicated to the study of foreign languages. It is important that you distribute the hours of study not to leave a big space between them. It is more productive, for example, studying four times a week, one hour per day than four hours on the same day.

  • Exhibition.

Do not miss the opportunity to be exposed to the language. Even if you do not live in a country where the spoken language is the language chosen to learn, you can have access to spoken language and written through movies, music, TV shows, CNN, books, newspapers, magazines etc.

If your TV has the feature, press the SAP button whenever possible, or watch the programming in the original language. The exhibition is the most natural and efficient way to gradually acquire vocabulary and assimilate the structures of foreign languages.

  •  Pleasure.

As far as possible, try to associate the study to what you like. In fact, to learn foreign languages, you have to look for places that speak about subjects that interest you, read and translate the lyrics and sing along with your favorite band understand what the song says, for example.

You know that movie that you love and know everything about the movie because you ever seen a zillion times? Review it, but now with the legend in the language in which you are learning, and then watch it again, without subtitles. Do the same with series and TV shows, that will also work.

 These were the first tips for you to succeed in your learning , be sure to read the second part.

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 Adapted from: teclasap.

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