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                                        Tsunami in Japan / Atividades de Inglês 

Japan experienced the worst ever earthquake disaster in its modern history early Friday 11th March, 2011 followed by a deadly tsunami leading to massive destruction in the northern part of the country. (atividades de inglês.).

tsunami atividades de inglesThe world admires the resilience of Japan in facing geological instabilities. Although being the best earthquake prepared nations in the world, the most powerful earthquake of Japan (magnitude 8.8) that struck it on Friday 11th March, at 1446 local time (0546 GMT), highlighted the fact that the risks posed by such natural disasters can overthrow any human preparedness. (atividades de inglês.).

The quake that hit about 400 km (250 miles) north-east of Tokyo, triggered a massive tsunami that swept almost everything that came in its path. The death toll is unclear as the government officials are still trying to figure out the extent of destruction. Buildings, even far away in the Tokyo city shook vigorously…, Disponível em tml  Acesso em: 11 ago. 2011. (Adapted by  Prof, Jorge oliveira). (atividades de inglês.).

01.  Desastres naturais têm acontecido com frequência no Japão, um país que vem se aprimorando a cada ano contra este tipo de fenômeno. Ao relatar o desastre, o texto mostra que o…,

a.  terremoto aconteceu a nordeste de Tóquio, gerando um tsunami que ceifou milhares de Vidas.

b.  abalo sísmico aconteceu a noroeste de Tóquio, ocasionando leves perdas materiais e humanas.

c.  tremor ocorreu em Tóquio, ocasionando um tsunami que levou a morte de milhares de pessoas.

d.  Japão é um dos poucos países do mundo capaz de prever desastres naturais, com isso impedir grandes danos.

e.  avanço da tecnologia e preparo do povo, fez com que o Japão conseguisse evitar perdas materiais e humanas.

This is Michael’s story. / Atividades de inglês II

‘Dad would start with a slap`. But then there was no stopping him.

He’d lay into me like I was his worst enemy. It was as if he forgot who I was. But he’d usually remember to hit me where it wouldn’t show.

When he didn’t, I’d be kept off school. If a teacher asked me about a cut or a bruise, I’d just lie.

Once he broke my arm. Mum told the hospital I’d had an accident. Finally, a neighbor saw my bruised face, and reported it.

I will always be grateful to my counselor. He said I wasn’t to blame. He helped me to feel better about myself. He was the father I never had.’ There are thousands of cases similar to Michael’s each year, from every level of society, But they are only the tip of the iceberg. Thousands more children are the victims of less obvious forms of cruelty.

atividades de inglês

Some people wouldn’t even think of these as abuse. But imagine being constantly shouted at. Or ignored as if you don’t exist, or criticized for everything you do.

The emotional effects can be just as painful as those caused by more obvious forms of abuse including low self‐worth, humiliation, loneliness, depression and an inability to relate to others. Some children have even been driven to kill themselves. atividades de inglês.

Because of all this, the NSPCC has launched a campaign called ‘A Cry for Children’. It’s a cry to everyone to stop and think about the way they behave towards children.

To listen to them, talk to them and treat them with respect.

And to recognize the impact that any form of cruelty can have on a child. Please answer the cry.

If you, or someone you know is suffering from abuse, please call the NSPCC Child Protection Helpline on 0800 800 500 any time, day or night.

Or if, after reading this, you would find more information helpful, please call us on 0171 825 2775.

 NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) Adapted from (A cry for children, The Independent, 28 March 1996 by Prof, Jorge oliveira). (atividades de inglês.).

02.  Considerando os fatos narrados no texto, conclui-se que Michael…,

  1. era destratado por seus amigos de turma.
  2. maltratava seus colegas e professores.
  3. agredia verbalmente seu professor.
  4. agredia seus pais freqüentemente.
  5. era espancado por seu pai.

atividades de ingles(We want to ensure that your dogs and our premises remain healthy, so request current veterinarian shot records on every dog. Thank you for your cooperation) (UFMT-2006)(adaptado). (atividades de inglês.).

03.  A imagem ao lado e o texto acima são um anúncio de um(a)…,

  1. loja para compra e venda de cães.
  2. centro de adestramento de cães de raça.
  3. empresa especializada em cuidar de cães.
  4. abrigo temporário para cães abandonados. 
  5. clínica para quaisquer cães pequeninos. (atividades de inglês.).



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